Error Prints

Previously I have written a little about how programming errors can yield interesting results. Unfortunately, since these results were never meant to be printed, they are not very high resolution images. This means that the print quality suffers quite a lot. However, I have decided to print a few of them even so.

There are some close-ups below, where you can see the level of detail. You will notice a considerable dithering effect caused by printing from fairly low resolution. This dithering is hard to see with the naked eye, but it manifests in the prints as a mixture of blur and aliasing.

These prints are printed on Scandia White 270g paper, and they are approximately 21 x 21 cm. I am selling them in groups of three prints. So you can either buy Mesh a, b and c; or Lattice a, b and c. I have three prints of each image, but i am keeping the first prints for myself. This means means I have the following available:

  • Mesh a, b, c 2/3 sold
  • Mesh a, b, c 3/3 sold
  • Lattice a, b, c 2/3 sold
  • Lattice a, b, c 3/3 sold

Each group is 150 USD each. This includes postage (without tracking) to anywhere in the world. Note that I will not ship anything until I have received the payment.

If you want to buy one, or if you have questions, contact me by e-mail.

Please make sure to include your full address. I will then send you the payment details (Paypal).

Error Print mesh-a
mesh a
Error Print mesh-b
mesh b
Error Print mesh-c
mesh c
Error Print mesh, near
mesh, near
Error Print mesh, near
mesh, near
Error Print lattice-a
lattice a
Error Print lattice-b
lattice b
Error Print lattice-c
lattice c
Error Print lattice, near
lattice, near