Mechanical Plotter Drawings (4)

Recently I've been experimenting with a system for generating weird symbols. The method is similar to (among others) P-21 by Manfred Mohr. Basically each symbol is created by making a small grid (e.g. 4 x 5), and then drawing lines between some arbitrary points in that grid. By changing the grid, and applying a few other restrictions, you can get quite interesting results.

Watching the plotter draw these is immensely satisfying, and the sound it makes is somewhat unusual. Here is a video of the process.

Below are some of the better results. They are all drawn on Fabriano Bristol paper using Micron Pens. The square plots are ~21 x 21 cm. All the plots have some extra padding, so I suggest cutting them a little before framing them.

The plots are 300 USD each. This includes postage to anywhere in the world. I always mark the packages as sales, so you may have to pay taxes/VAT depending on your local rules.

If you want to buy one, or if you have questions, please contact me by e-mail. Make sure to include the name of the drawing you are interested in. E.g. 08792fc.

If you want to buy a plot make sure to also include your full address. I will then send you the payment details (Paypal). Note that I will not ship the plot until I have received they payment in full.

Drawing 08792fc
Drawing 08792fc
Drawing 74cc02c
Drawing 74cc02c
Drawing e0f3a68
Sold Drawing e0f3a68
Drawing b1d3477
Sold Drawing b1d3477
Drawing 5db0847
Sold Drawing 5db0847

  1. I ship all the plots uncut because they are easier to handle when they have some extra paper around the edges. Usually I suggest cropping the paper into a square before framing.