Mechanical Plotter Drawings (5)

Here are some plots made using various geometrical rules. The plots that are reminiscent of architectural floor plans are based on a very simple extrusion rule. The two symbol plots use random hyper cube projections, and the black plot uses recursive splitting combined random spatial shifts.

The white plots are drawn on Fabriano Bristol paper using Microns. The black plot is drawn on Fabriano Black Black with a Sakura Gelly Roll. All plots are ~21 x 21 cm. All the plots have some extra padding, so I suggest cutting them a little before framing them.

Each plot is 300 USD. This includes postage to anywhere in the world. I always mark the packages as sales, so you may have to pay taxes/VAT depending on your local rules.

If you want to buy one, or if you have questions, please contact me by e-mail. Make sure to include the name of the drawing you are interested in. E.g. 3362444.

If you want to buy a plot make sure to also include your full address. I will then send you the payment details (Paypal). Note that I will not ship the plot until I have received they payment in full.

Drawing 3362444
Sold Drawing 3362444
Drawing de8f48a
Sold Drawing de8f48a
Drawing af7c087
Sold Drawing af7c087
Drawing c7d01bc
Drawing c7d01bc
Drawing 0974121
Drawing 0974121
Drawing cbbf673
Sold Drawing cbbf673

  1. If there is interest I might explain these methods in more detail in a separate post later. Here is a post describing the floor plans.
  2. I ship all the plots uncut because they are easier to handle when they have some extra paper around the edges. Usually I suggest cropping the paper into a square before framing.