Exhibitions and Work

A Sense of Space Exhibition

A Sense of Space Exhibition

6th of September - 6th of October 2018, Kunstplass - Contemporary Art, Oslo

Group exhibition with Milumbe Haimbe and Bente Sommerfeldt-Colberg.
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Victoria and Albert Museum: Friday Late

26th of January 2018

Some of my work was live-plotted by Joto, along with work by Variable, as part of the event.
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ALTERITY One: Being Drawn


Some of my work is featured, along with the work of 14 other writers and artists. Alterity is an occasional journal, published by the Centre for Alterity Studies [...]. The journal aims to feature work from diverse fields of enquiry that focus on the other-than-human, with a particular emphasis on plant, animal and mineral alterity.
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Library of the Printed Web


An image from my twitter bot @sandpaintbot was included in the Library of the Printed Web by Paul Soulellis. The collection has been aquired by MoMa.
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Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2016

4th - 10th of July 2016

Eight works were exhibited at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London, along with works of other artists. Two pictures I've posted can be seen here.
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I contributed a demo to Anypixel.js—A web-friendly way to build interactive displays. Google Creative Lab released the framework and built a display that is currently located in the Google NYC Lobby. Here is a video of my contribution.

An Anypixel display by Google (and my demo, among others) was displayed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2017.
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Figment Oakland

24th of October 2015

Waves was on display at a large interactive video wall, along with the works of several other artists. Here is a video.

The Graphical Web

23rd - 26th of September 2015

Waves , Meander and Isopleth were on display along with multiple other works by other digital artists.

Lumen Prize Exhibition

2015 - 2016, Multiple locations, including New York and Shanghai

Hyphae was selected to be part of the Lumen Prize Exhibition along with 24 other works.
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Orbitals Exhibition

25th of April - 6th of June 2014, -kunstplass5

Dual exhibition with Alexander Grüner.
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Generative Art, Planned or Otherwise

23rd of November 2018, BAU, Barcelona

Brief Introduction to generative art, and process demonstration.
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Aesthetic Algorithms

5th of October 2018, Kunstplass Oslo

A brief introduction to generative art, and process demonstration.
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Shepherding Random Numbers

27th of July 2017, Complex NanoPhotonics Science Camp, UK

A brief introduction to generative art and a demonstration of some work.
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Shepherding Random Numbers

31th of January 2017, CITAstudio: Computation in Architecture, KADK, Copenhagen

Some notes from the talk can be seen here.

Shepherding Random Numbers

20th of November 2016, Kulturhuset, Oslo

Talk as a part of the Why Not? Festival.
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Introduction to Generative Art and Algorithms

26th of October 2016, Teknologihuset, Oslo

Talk organised by the Oslo Data Science Meetup. Notes from the talk. More info.

An Introduction to Generative Algorithms

18th of September 2015, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU, Trondheim

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Generative Algorithms and Design

30th of October 2014, NerdNite, MESH Cafe, Oslo

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